I am Yours

The breath in our lungs

Every inhale

Every exhale

Is because You allow it


The flow of blood in our veins

Every heart beat

Every contraction

Is a gift from You


The length of our days

Every second

Every moment

Is a loan You have given us to spend


You own me completely

Life is a gift

Yet You have given me the freedom of what I do with it

I choose to follow You

The Shallows

It’s easy in the shallows

Life is so calm, so relaxing

The crystal water is cool to the touch

So refreshing as it trickles over your worn feet


It’s easy in the shallows

The current is weak, non-existent

The pull to the sea is easily ignored

Swatted away like an irritant fly


It’s easy in the shallows

There is no commitment, no permanence

You can enter and leave the water at will

Bail out whenever it gets too much


It’s easy in the shallows

There’s no effort, no struggle

You stay marooned on the dry river bank

And watch life pass you by

Fuel Station

Switch off the sat nav

We know better

Next left for our desires

And follow the highway to destruction


The warning signs flash

Crying for us to make a U-turn

But we turn it to mute

And we shut out the small, still voice


We do stop at the fuel station

For our weekly top up

But we invest as little as we can

A token gesture to ease our conscience


The car judders to a halt

As the engine begins to break down

We finally break our silence

And we call out to God


As He draws near to the window

We quickly lock the door

Though there is tenderness in His eyes

Our grip tightens on the wheel


We beg Him to mend us

To get our lives running again

We cry out about our problems

But we know the problem is really us


The fuel tank is empty

The engine ruined

No more pretending now

It is time to give up the wheel


God’s passion surges in the rolling waves

His cry echoing like the gull’s

He waits for us with great longing

A thundering storm on the horizon


Will you go deeper?


Too many of us stay by the shore

Content to stay shallow

Content for life to all about us

Only dipping in our toes to ease our conscience


Will you go deeper?


That small dark spot soon takes up the sky

As we sail out to sea

The drenching rains of His love

Erupting as we live in His presence


Will you go deeper?


His Wind takes us to new areas

As we travel on we find lost souls

Cast adrift, looking for hope

People we can only reach if we go deeper


Will you go deeper?

Coat Tails of Hope

I cling to the coat-tails of Hope

If only I could just touch

Just brush the hem of His garment

I would be healed


I have clung onto so many things

My pride, my self-image

I would not yield control of my life

But everything you hold on to

Eventually you lose


It was only when I let go

Of the lies I took comfort in

That my hands

So long stained with mud

Could finally be cleaned


Now as I hold on to Him

He holds on to me

And lifts me out of the pit


The Narrow Path

It is tempting to take the easy path when our body is screaming at us to give in, when our minds beg us to procrastinate. Doing the rught thing can seem painful at first but it always pays off in the end.

The narrow path is a hard path
It is battered by the coldest winds
And covered by the thickest fog
It offers no mercy to the lonely traveller

It is a walk of complete isolation
Its gradient is unforgiving
And its stones are as sharp as broken glass
To walk this path seems like madness

It winds through the harshest terrain
Its final destination hidden from view
There is no way to know where it leads
It offers nothing to attract you

But perhaps the effort is dwarfed by the prize
Perhaps the pain makes the joy all the sweeter
Perhaps first impressions don’t tell the whole story
Who is brave enough to walk this road?
Because I tell you at the end of it is eternal life

“But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” Matthew 7:14 (NIV)


The Whale’s Belly

Sitting in the gloom
Rotting flesh all around
Saved from certain death
And yet still not fully rescued
We wait in the hands of our God

Dampness clings to the skin
All light has been shut out
That sinking feeling in your stomach comes back
Every time you remember
We’ve seen the depths where we were heading

The mercy of forgiveness
The sternness of correction
The humbling of our hearts
The transformation we so desperately need

Finally we return to dry land
God has shown us immeasurable grace
No more interest in going our own way
Our hearts await His call

Forget This Poem

These words on a page
Mean absolutely nothing
A collection of letters which bring a temporary emotion
Which you forget as you scroll down the page

But my God is so much more
He is captivating
His glory is breath-taking
An encounter with His grace is unforgettable
He sees your deepest shames
Yet loves you the same
He committed no sin
Yet took the punishment for all of humanity’s crimes
He welcomes all into His loving arms
He is worthy of all our focus and admiration

As you scroll down
Forget this poem
But don’t forget Him

The Morning Poem

The morning comes around again
Banging on the door like an unwanted guest
As always it is far too early
Has it no manners?

My mind jars as it tries to enter first gear
My eyelids refuse to lift
Covering my eyes in half shade
My body feels battered and bruised
As if I have just wrestled a bear
My every muscle is begging for mercy
It would be so easy to go back to sleep
But there is a fire that burns within me

I fling off the covers and I leave the warm trap of my bed
I need my mind sharp
I pick up my bible and notebook
And suddenly my heart stirs
And my excitement awakens
As I remember that this cruel, cold morning
Is actually a window of opportunity
Through which I am able to get another glimpse of You