Fuel Station

Switch off the sat nav

We know better

Next left for our desires

And follow the highway to destruction


The warning signs flash

Crying for us to make a U-turn

But we turn it to mute

And we shut out the small, still voice


We do stop at the fuel station

For our weekly top up

But we invest as little as we can

A token gesture to ease our conscience


The car judders to a halt

As the engine begins to break down

We finally break our silence

And we call out to God


As He draws near to the window

We quickly lock the door

Though there is tenderness in His eyes

Our grip tightens on the wheel


We beg Him to mend us

To get our lives running again

We cry out about our problems

But we know the problem is really us


The fuel tank is empty

The engine ruined

No more pretending now

It is time to give up the wheel


You are free

Untangle yourself from lies

Know your true worth


Strength when you are weary

Not you but Christ in You

Overcome in His victory


The ultimate sacrifice given

Our enemy defeated

Our battle already won

The Wooden Cup

Drink from my cup

The Saviour gently urges

It is simple, carved from wood

But it is the best I have for you


I put no adornment on it

No embellishments to convince you

I give you my word

That this drink is all you have hoped for


Feel the deep graining of the wood

It is rugged, holds no charm

But a story of sacrifice is engraved in it

That makes this drink priceless


The water does not sparkle

Nor give off copious clouds of fragrance

It is crystal clear

Pure and unadulterated


Contained in each drop

Is enough life to revive a desert

One sip

And you will never be thirsty again


Part 1 – The Chalice