The Burning Bush

Your fire burns in me

The flames engulfing my heart

No darkness can quench what You’ve started

It burns brighter and brighter every day


The bush was set on fire but it was not burnt up

You do not take pride in destruction

Likewise, Your flames do not harm us

They bring about a new beginning


Like gold You purify us

Our deeply embedded sin You separate out of us

You kindle a fury against this world’s injustice

And we go out like blazing torches

The Whale’s Belly

Sitting in the gloom
Rotting flesh all around
Saved from certain death
And yet still not fully rescued
We wait in the hands of our God

Dampness clings to the skin
All light has been shut out
That sinking feeling in your stomach comes back
Every time you remember
We’ve seen the depths where we were heading

The mercy of forgiveness
The sternness of correction
The humbling of our hearts
The transformation we so desperately need

Finally we return to dry land
God has shown us immeasurable grace
No more interest in going our own way
Our hearts await His call

Purifying Fire

Let the fire rage
Let it burn
Let it purge away any sin within me
Let it purify me before my Father

As its flames ignite within me
Blow any ash within me
Melt my earthly desires
Let Your new creation arise

Though there is pain in the burning
Hold my hand
And give me the strength to endure it
For I know joy is on the other side

When the fire’s work is complete
And the gold that you placed inside of me
Is shining for all to see
Use what is left of me
A sanctified saint, a purified son
For Your glory