I dragged my burdens

Up the wicked slope

Bitter words sprouting from my mouth

Darkness gathering in my heart


I ignored the offer of help

Though my knuckles were white

And my bones cracked like a whip

My pride was far too stubborn


Such foolishness

To plough on alone

When You are always there

To carry me when I fall


I let go of the reins

And put my trust in You

When the world becomes too much

Out to You will I cry


When I feel the burden pulling me down

I will slip to the floor

Down to my knees

And give it up to You

Wind of God

Wind of God

Blow away my staleness

Fill my lungs with fresh air

Call in fresh rains


Wind of God

Pull down my self-made structures

Drive me off the path of self determination

Bring down the walls in my life


Wind of God

Billow my limp sails

Propel me into Your arms

Send me soaring into the sky

Winter Days

I feel the ice

Congealing round my heart

And like frost bitten toes

My emotions drop off

Empty shells, dead to the core


The winter days encircle me

The coldness seeps in

I have forgotten what summer is like

The beautiful blooms of spring

Are nothing but an old tale


I shiver on the porch

As I wait for these days to be over

Hoping that I will once more see the sun

That this ice palace in my chest will finally melt

And I will feel again


“From the ends of the earth I call to you, I call as my heart grows faint; lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” Psalm 61:2 (NIV)

A Psalm of Waiting

How I long and thirst for You my God.
You are like water to my soul; like a spring Your life bursts forth
Renew my life Lord so that I may follow your ways; strengthen my weary arms
And lift up my head

Draw near to me God.
You bring life to my bones; You make my heart to sing
Let me leap for joy like the springbok; fill my soul with laughter like the hyena
I cry out for You God; do not ignore my call
You are faithful beyond description
I will wait for You God

The Morning Poem

The morning comes around again
Banging on the door like an unwanted guest
As always it is far too early
Has it no manners?

My mind jars as it tries to enter first gear
My eyelids refuse to lift
Covering my eyes in half shade
My body feels battered and bruised
As if I have just wrestled a bear
My every muscle is begging for mercy
It would be so easy to go back to sleep
But there is a fire that burns within me

I fling off the covers and I leave the warm trap of my bed
I need my mind sharp
I pick up my bible and notebook
And suddenly my heart stirs
And my excitement awakens
As I remember that this cruel, cold morning
Is actually a window of opportunity
Through which I am able to get another glimpse of You

I Won’t Sleep

God I am tired and worn out
My strength has seeped away
The end of the day has come
And I have spent all that is within me

But my day will not be complete
I will not be able to rest in peace
Until I sit in Your presence
Until I meet with You
Draw near to me God
Even as tiredness tugs on me
Come down and meet with me
Let us talk as friends
Let me feel Your presence
So that my dreams will be filled with You

Dry Bones

The weight of life has worn me down; grinding me down to the bone
The never-ending repetition is an irritant rub on my flesh
I am falling apart
My joy, my vision, my purpose falling away, leaving the cold skeleton exposed bear
Why do I live? What is my purpose?
My drive has gone, my well run dry
I need a breath of life

The chill enters in
My lifeless bones can do naught but accept its frostiness
Ice begins to form on their surface
It slowly spreads like a disease
The freezing winds of life are working upwards
Heading for my heart

But the breath of God is an eternal fire; a volcanic eruption
In a flash, the ice melts away
The glacial chains that bound me are seared
The wintry winds suddenly fade into the background
And I am drawn to the warm hearth of the Father’s love
And then comes the cooling breath from the Master
The Life-giver brings life once more

Flesh wraps itself around the bones,
Bulky muscles swell and extend; tendons shoot out and latch onto their targets
Cartilage sprouts in the joints and pools of synovial fluid begin to collect
The heart starts beating, the lungs start breathing
Life begins to flow once more


Weights press heavily on my shoulders,
The hustle and bustle of life has me in a spin,
I am not just planning the weeks to come 
I am planning the upcoming months and years as well 
Filling up my diary with endless appointments,
Just adding to the weight that rests on my aching back

But then I stop and I look heavenward,
Your Spirit descends from above and rests on me,
Imperceptible, weightless and yet so definite and clear,
You breathe new life into me,
You bring clarity to my mind and You sharpen my vision,
You unstrap me from my crushing load,
My back straightens up,
The aches and pains fall off,
The clouds vanish from the skies,
You fling my load effortlessly onto Your back and You motion to me,
And we walk together.

Image of light shadow  by Florian Sabou, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0