I walked alone

Lost in the night

Or so I thought


The waves towered

My belongings lost

Or so I thought


But I didn’t think

That my loneliness showed I needed to reach out

That the darkness outside

Showed how much I needed light within


And I didn’t think that the fierce waves

Would force me to learn to swim

That my lost possessions

Would make me realise what really matters


I walk in the night

No longer alone

I sail the seas

No longer weighed down

Rainy Skies

Dark clouds in the sky

No hope for sunshine

Another dark season passing through

To what will I cling to now?


Downpour after downpour has come

My dreams were washed away

The cold slap of teardrops on my cheeks

Compound the disappointment within me


Harsh winds don’t relent

Scattering my well laid plans

They give wings to cruel whispers

And they chase me on my lonely walk


I choose to open my heart to You God

Not to give into the whispers of despair

Though I cannot see past the clouds

I know that this will end


The cold rain lands in my heart

Sinking deep in the soil of my soul

When the skies clear and the sun returns

It births something new in me

The Storm Inside

The storm whipped up around me

Swirling up bitter winds and biting rains

As I shivered in its centre

A fiercer storm awoke in me


It accelerated far quicker than the outer

Gathering angry, black clouds

Staining the blue skies of my heart

Like charcoal on a white dress


Fear began to build in the atmosphere

And let rip with large roars of thunder

Discharging panic through me

Like lightning rippling through the frantic air


Through it all You waited

Waited for me to trust You

As my worries like a whisk

Kept my inner storm spinning


I cried out and thunder stopped to listen

The lightning froze in its path

I won’t carry this burden any more

I won’t let what I can’t control steal my peace


The winds began to drop

Calm descended from above

As You dealt with the storm outside

Inside I could see the blue skies

Shining through again


In the Battle

Lift up your head

Though the battle rages

And an army approaches

Do not let fear darken your heart


See the light piercing through the cloud

Know that I am here

Though you wield sword and shield

It is I who will fight this battle


As the footsteps thud down

Like drums of impending doom

Tune into My song in your heart

Let its peaceful tune echo inside


Let the words of love flow through you

Know that I am committed to you

That even in your darkest moments

I will not leave you


Let that be the sound

That rings in your ears

As you make your advance forward

As you face up to another battle


I dragged my burdens

Up the wicked slope

Bitter words sprouting from my mouth

Darkness gathering in my heart


I ignored the offer of help

Though my knuckles were white

And my bones cracked like a whip

My pride was far too stubborn


Such foolishness

To plough on alone

When You are always there

To carry me when I fall


I let go of the reins

And put my trust in You

When the world becomes too much

Out to You will I cry


When I feel the burden pulling me down

I will slip to the floor

Down to my knees

And give it up to You

Winter Days

I feel the ice

Congealing round my heart

And like frost bitten toes

My emotions drop off

Empty shells, dead to the core


The winter days encircle me

The coldness seeps in

I have forgotten what summer is like

The beautiful blooms of spring

Are nothing but an old tale


I shiver on the porch

As I wait for these days to be over

Hoping that I will once more see the sun

That this ice palace in my chest will finally melt

And I will feel again


“From the ends of the earth I call to you, I call as my heart grows faint; lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” Psalm 61:2 (NIV)