I walked alone

Lost in the night

Or so I thought


The waves towered

My belongings lost

Or so I thought


But I didn’t think

That my loneliness showed I needed to reach out

That the darkness outside

Showed how much I needed light within


And I didn’t think that the fierce waves

Would force me to learn to swim

That my lost possessions

Would make me realise what really matters


I walk in the night

No longer alone

I sail the seas

No longer weighed down


I sink my feet in

Into the cement of Your Word

It wraps around my legs

I am locked into its grip


The earth quakes beneath

The four winds of uncertainty

Strike me from every side

But I am not moved


Economies fail and empires fall

Predictions miss their mark

The unthinkable becomes reality

But nothing can shake Your Word


For every challenge

I have a promise

I have a truth for every lie

I have a hope which is anchored in heaven



Sharp as a knife

Precise as a scalpel

Remove the lies in me



Bold as a sword

Direct as a laser beam

Cut away deception’s bonds



Open my eyes

Unplug my ears

So my heart can take you in



Ferment in my heart

Germinate in my soul

Become a part of me

Burn the Bridges

Burn the bridges

To your old life

Cut the ropes

That once entangled you


The old thoughts

That creep like mould

That condemn, that judge

Put them in their place


Your old ways have been shed

Like a cocoon from a butterfly

In you shines gold

That is the real you


The old you, the old chains, the old ways

Perished in the grave

Now risen eternal

Is the certainty of a better future


You shone Your light

Into my dark world

Pierced the night of my sorrows

With a ray of hope


The black mist over my eyes

Melted away as Your truth

Lit up the path before me

Like beacons on a runway


You led me back

To the path of Your calling

Led me from my wandering

To the straight path


I cling to Your Word

Like a cast adrift sailor

Grips to a buoy

You keep me from going under


The very being and essence of God

Divinity amongst humanity

The sacred hiding within flesh and bone


You are the light of the world

Refracted into a spectrum we can see

You are His Word, His message

Lived out in perfect demonstration


You are the bridge across the void

The only crossing over the darkness between

You unveil the face of God

You make the Righteous One relatable


In every action and every word

You flood us with new understanding

Let us get that bit closer

Let us comprehend the heart of the Father


You are not a watered down version

Or a cheap imitation

You are the perfect representation

The exact image

The very being and essence of God


Empires rise and fall

Philosophies become vogue and then outdated

People are venerated and then forgotten

Monuments are built and then fall


Inventions are made and then become obsolete

Traditions instituted and then rejected

Wealth accumulated and then distributed

Power gained and then lost


Years will eventually pass

Ages come to a culmination

Time brings all things to an end

Only You God span it all


God’s passion surges in the rolling waves

His cry echoing like the gull’s

He waits for us with great longing

A thundering storm on the horizon


Will you go deeper?


Too many of us stay by the shore

Content to stay shallow

Content for life to all about us

Only dipping in our toes to ease our conscience


Will you go deeper?


That small dark spot soon takes up the sky

As we sail out to sea

The drenching rains of His love

Erupting as we live in His presence


Will you go deeper?


His Wind takes us to new areas

As we travel on we find lost souls

Cast adrift, looking for hope

People we can only reach if we go deeper


Will you go deeper?