The very being and essence of God

Divinity amongst humanity

The sacred hiding within flesh and bone


You are the light of the world

Refracted into a spectrum we can see

You are His Word, His message

Lived out in perfect demonstration


You are the bridge across the void

The only crossing over the darkness between

You unveil the face of God

You make the Righteous One relatable


In every action and every word

You flood us with new understanding

Let us get that bit closer

Let us comprehend the heart of the Father


You are not a watered down version

Or a cheap imitation

You are the perfect representation

The exact image

The very being and essence of God


Empires rise and fall

Philosophies become vogue and then outdated

People are venerated and then forgotten

Monuments are built and then fall


Inventions are made and then become obsolete

Traditions instituted and then rejected

Wealth accumulated and then distributed

Power gained and then lost


Years will eventually pass

Ages come to a culmination

Time brings all things to an end

Only You God span it all

Walls of Water

This is an old piece of writing that I wrote several years back. I really like so I thought I would share it.

You are like walls of water, stretching to the heavens, towering to my left and to my right.The sheer mass of the water overwhelms me, tonnes upon tonnes of clear, glinting liquid piled on top of each other.

Surely all the oceans of the world would be just like a drop compared to these incredible pillars. If they fell I would be crushed and buried, lost to the unreachable depths. The force could crush mountains into pulp and bring their lofty peaks to the ground. I fall to my knees at the mercy of this terrifying God.

It is only then I realise that these mountains of water represent your incomprehensible love. Suddenly I am enveloped, swept out of my depths, as the water comes crashing down to embrace me. I am left swirling in the throes of your passion for me. I am intoxicated by the sweet fragrance that fills my nostrils. I am loved, accepted by you.

I look up and see the surface twinkling miles away. I could swim up for days and not reach the top. But instead I sink to the bottom, overawed, and let the currents of your love wash over me.


The great I Am

How I love His Name

So simple; so concise

Yet so rich and dripping with meaning


I Am

I exist; I am real whether you believe it or not

My being is definite and sure

Man’s arguments and explanations are blown away

They wilt like grass in the sun


I Am

I Am Who I Am

I am not defined by popular opinion

I am not limited to your vision

My character is incorruptible

Unmarked and unchanged through eternity



I Am

I am glorious

I am indescribable beauty

My might is declared in a thousand galaxies

A billion of stars cower at the sight of Me

My beauty inspires writers and poets

My designs baffle even the wisest

No one can compare to Me


I Am

I am enough

Enough for Your daily needs

Enough to sustain you  through the barren times

I am the flood in the desert

I am the feast in the famine

I can satisfy your parching thirst

I can fill the cavernous void within your heart

Quiet Time

Sit in the chair
Close the blinds
Close the door
Let the world melt away

Put the music on
Let His worship ring out
Bring out His Word
Quiet your soul before Him

Let prayer ascend from your heart
Let the worries be taken from your heart
Anchor yourself in the promises of God
Rejoice in the hope given to you

But above all
Open your heart
Let the perfect love of Jesus come in
Marvel as the Maker of all things
Takes out time
Just to meet with you

The Side of the Road

Cycling in Mauritania

I lay by the side of the road
My clothes torn, my pale flesh exposed
Filth was smeared all over me; the stench unbearable
Blood dribbled from the corner of my mouth
Pain wrecked through my feeble body
I was completely helpless

Some people hurled insults when they saw me
They told me that I had brought this on myself
Most simply ignored me; pretended they hadn’t seen me
A few dared to approach me to try and help
My heart rose with hope
But when they saw the dirt and filth that covered me, they stepped back
They knew if they touched me, my dirt would rub onto them
With remorse filling their eyes, they walked away
But then He came

His robe was the purest white; not even a speck of dirt could be seen on Him
There was a glow about Him; a soothing light emanating from His being
The dust on the road rolled away from Him such was His purity
A sweet fragrance was carried on the breeze
It was so sweet and potent that it replenished the flowers and grass around me
He exuded a power, an authority that would make even the tallest mountain cower
A crown sat upon His head
This was the King

As He drew near, I hoped desperately that He would not see me
I was deplorable and pathetic
Not even worthy to look at Him
If He saw me surely He would condemn like the rest
After all the mistakes I had done I could expect nothing less
In the presence of His perfection judgement was what I deserved
He crouched down beside me and I trembled with fear
With the gentlest of touches he moved my head
So I was looking deep into His eyes
And a reassuring smile spread across His face
I felt peace well up within me
For a second I forgot my pains
I was captivated

He wrapped His strong arms around me
Gently cradling my head as he did
He put me on my feet and suddenly I felt them strengthen
The muscles spontaneously began to grow
Blood flushed into my face
My lungs expanded with fresh air
I had never felt like this before
For the first time I felt loved and accepted
I was not the outcast anymore
The One whom the earth trembles at His very words
Who draws the line between black and white
Had declared me a friend

But I was ripped from this state of pure joy
By a sight that chilled me to the bones
My grime and dirt had rubbed onto Him
The perfect white stained; marred
I stared in complete horror as He transformed before me
All my ailments were transferred onto Him
The great King was shouldering my weight
He was taking my suffering

A crowd swarmed around me and He was lost from view
I stood at the back; frozen in disbelief
Barely believing the unfairness that had been before my eyes
I looked down on myself and my clothes were now pure white
Shining like His had
I felt tears gather in my eyes

He hung by the side of the road
The people stood round and laughed at Him
They goaded and mocked Him
Blood gushed forth from His multiple wounds
Pain wrecked through His body
The weight of what He was carrying was suffocating
But this was His choice
For the people He so dearly loved

I walked by the side of the road
My clothes pure and white
Sweet fragrance not stench surrounding me
Joy burst through every sinew of my body
I was completely restored
And He was with me



Image 1 – Cycling in Mauritania by jbdodane, CC BY-NC 2.0

Image 2 – Zonsondergang, centraal crucifix op de begraafplaats Pasbrug By Sint -Katelijne-Waver, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Forget This Poem

These words on a page
Mean absolutely nothing
A collection of letters which bring a temporary emotion
Which you forget as you scroll down the page

But my God is so much more
He is captivating
His glory is breath-taking
An encounter with His grace is unforgettable
He sees your deepest shames
Yet loves you the same
He committed no sin
Yet took the punishment for all of humanity’s crimes
He welcomes all into His loving arms
He is worthy of all our focus and admiration

As you scroll down
Forget this poem
But don’t forget Him

Overwhelming Love

You cut through my defences
Like a knife through butter
You disarmed me with Your loving voice
I was in a rage, in turmoil
Bitterness had darkened my vision
But Your love came like a soothing light
You stilled my beating heart with a gentle touch

That pain that had incarcerated my soul
You lifted from me
You banished my tempest of sorrows
Even though I offered nothing
You showed me a river of kindness
And bade me to come and swim

My heart aches for you
I have to know this God
Who has done so much for me
This God who shocked me with kindness
Who heard the silent cry of my heart
All that’s within me cries out for Your presence
Let us meet again
And let me tell You
How much what You did meant to me


Such joy bursting through me
My heart is a well of emotion
Overflowing as tears brim in my eyes
I haven’t felt like this in years

This is the feeling that comes
When years of deception are revealed
When you taste the sweet truth
That the pain you have carried for so long
You don’t have to carry any more

My wrists are no longer numb
No longer bound by old chains
That foggy morning has cleared away now
I can see the rainbow in the clouds

I am born all over again
There are no more hurts or pains
No more chains
I am reborn into new hope
My freedom has come from Him