You shone Your light

Into my dark world

Pierced the night of my sorrows

With a ray of hope


The black mist over my eyes

Melted away as Your truth

Lit up the path before me

Like beacons on a runway


You led me back

To the path of Your calling

Led me from my wandering

To the straight path


I cling to Your Word

Like a cast adrift sailor

Grips to a buoy

You keep me from going under


The very being and essence of God

Divinity amongst humanity

The sacred hiding within flesh and bone


You are the light of the world

Refracted into a spectrum we can see

You are His Word, His message

Lived out in perfect demonstration


You are the bridge across the void

The only crossing over the darkness between

You unveil the face of God

You make the Righteous One relatable


In every action and every word

You flood us with new understanding

Let us get that bit closer

Let us comprehend the heart of the Father


You are not a watered down version

Or a cheap imitation

You are the perfect representation

The exact image

The very being and essence of God


Empires rise and fall

Philosophies become vogue and then outdated

People are venerated and then forgotten

Monuments are built and then fall


Inventions are made and then become obsolete

Traditions instituted and then rejected

Wealth accumulated and then distributed

Power gained and then lost


Years will eventually pass

Ages come to a culmination

Time brings all things to an end

Only You God span it all

Walls of Water

This is an old piece of writing that I wrote several years back. I really like so I thought I would share it.

You are like walls of water, stretching to the heavens, towering to my left and to my right.The sheer mass of the water overwhelms me, tonnes upon tonnes of clear, glinting liquid piled on top of each other.

Surely all the oceans of the world would be just like a drop compared to these incredible pillars. If they fell I would be crushed and buried, lost to the unreachable depths. The force could crush mountains into pulp and bring their lofty peaks to the ground. I fall to my knees at the mercy of this terrifying God.

It is only then I realise that these mountains of water represent your incomprehensible love. Suddenly I am enveloped, swept out of my depths, as the water comes crashing down to embrace me. I am left swirling in the throes of your passion for me. I am intoxicated by the sweet fragrance that fills my nostrils. I am loved, accepted by you.

I look up and see the surface twinkling miles away. I could swim up for days and not reach the top. But instead I sink to the bottom, overawed, and let the currents of your love wash over me.


All of heaven bows prostrate

The whole earth falls silent

As the King takes His throne


You are the One that Died But Now Lives

You are the only King crowned with a crown of thorns

The only warrior who can seem to suffer the ultimate loss

But turn out to have won the most crushing victory


You will be the only One who bears scars in heaven

For You take all our pains and sorrows

All authorities will throw their crowns at Your feet

And will yield themselves to You


You had it all

And yet without hesitation

You gave up all Your power and authority

To seek out the isolated

To seek out the abused and the broken

You gave up ultimate power

And became like us


In what talent can I then boast?

I can’t boast in anything apart from one

This incredible truth that God would give it all up

And give me hope beyond all I can imagine

A Psalm of Praise

Lift your voice and praise the Lord.

He is worthy of all honour, glory and power.

Who can match his unmeasurable worth?

If all the earth were to fade away, You would remain.

You rely on nothing to survive; You are self-sustaining, all encompassing.

Draw near to me God.


Though I am stained with sin and marked with iniquity, have mercy on me.

Pour Your love on me and forgive my sins.

Open my eyes to see you more clearly; guide me on the way that honours Your name.

Teach me and I will learn the secrets of Your heart.

I long to know you God; as a father; as a friend

Your righteous, right hand is mighty beyond all compare, with it You crumple the mountains of Hades

And crush the strongholds of the enemy.

And yet it is my comfort and my support.

Comfort me once again God.

Guilt Carrier

As the charges rung out

He lowered his head


The shame burnishing in His cheeks

Of adulterers, liars and murderers


God’s fiery wrath laid on His shoulders


The punishment of billions inflicted on Him


The life connection with God broken

The open door of love closed to Him

Rejection from His eternal Father


A final breath


Finally justice for all the hurt, the wronged and the wounded

Finally restoration for the broken

Sentence delivered, case closed

Jesus declared guilty, humanity goes free

A Psalm

How wonderful are Your words O Lord,

They are strength to the weary

They uplift the grieving and restore the broken

Your statutes fill me with joy

I will bring praises to Your temple


The power of the Lord is beyond comprehension

His Name is a refuge for the righteous

He gathers His loved ones under His wings

He holds them close, no evil shall befall them


Who can enter into the temple of the Lord?

Who dare gaze upon the face of the Lord?

Will the strong warrior in his prideful might?

Will the mighty king in his royal robes?

No, only he that puts his trust in the Lord


The great I Am

How I love His Name

So simple; so concise

Yet so rich and dripping with meaning


I Am

I exist; I am real whether you believe it or not

My being is definite and sure

Man’s arguments and explanations are blown away

They wilt like grass in the sun


I Am

I Am Who I Am

I am not defined by popular opinion

I am not limited to your vision

My character is incorruptible

Unmarked and unchanged through eternity



I Am

I am glorious

I am indescribable beauty

My might is declared in a thousand galaxies

A billion of stars cower at the sight of Me

My beauty inspires writers and poets

My designs baffle even the wisest

No one can compare to Me


I Am

I am enough

Enough for Your daily needs

Enough to sustain you  through the barren times

I am the flood in the desert

I am the feast in the famine

I can satisfy your parching thirst

I can fill the cavernous void within your heart