Lead Me

Steady this hand

As it hovers over this paper

Guide it O Lord

Don’t let it go astray


May every stroke

Each flourish

Point towards You

And to nothing else


As the ink flows

From the pen to the paper

May Your Spirit flow

Through me to the world


Your Words forged the first ray of light

Gave life to every living cell

They are filled with Your amazing power

Let every word I write come from You

Torch of Hope

My heart was dark and damp

Rocked by violent storms

The water seeped in through the cracks

My dreams turned to dust


The furnace that once burned bright

Now lay stark and empty

But no heart is too far for my God

He lit a flame of hope in me


My pen strikes the paper

And that same flame ignites

Its embers glowing in every word

Its fragrance rising from every page


If I can pass on this flame

Even if it is to only one person

Then I will have done more

Than I could have dared imagine

A Writer’s Desire

Like a waterfall the words flow

Tumbling out of my heart

There is no force that can hold them back

Nothing can contain this urge to create


The desire burns inside me

My heart glows like a hot iron

Passion pumping through me – my life blood

Every day it burns brighter


So I place my words on a boat

And push it off from the shore

I feel my heart lurch as they float away

Knowing they are gone forever


A brief moment of respite

And then back to the coal face

The passion is still there

There is much work yet for me to do

The Freedom of Writing

The crispness of the white paper

Under the scratch of my black pen

Its fresh smell filling my nostrils

As I lean in closer


The words roll onto the page

Like a storm rolling in from the sea

Who knows its path or its direction?

All I know is that I will soak in its rains


No restraints, no inhibitions

Just the freedom to write

The freedom to climb aboard the train of thought

And to see where it takes me

The Power of Hope

I write because I hope
No matter how dire the circumstances
In a story there is always a hope
That it can be turned around
We descend into the depths with the character
Because we want to see them rise again
As they bask in their redemption
Our hearts are stirred
Maybe our situations can be resolved
Maybe our darkness can be turned into light
And so a made up tale
Can reach out beyond the pages
And light a candle of hope in our hearts


Release onto the page
The imaginings, the ideas
As black ink
Spilled onto the paper
Open a window into my mind
And break down the separating wall
Unleash the dam of feelings
Let them run rich down the page

Let the tangled threads be slowly unwound
Release the tension, make sense of them
Open blind eyes
Your own first
Look at the world, look at His Word
Then share the light with anyone you can
But remember who the source of the oil is
Or your lamp will quickly fade

Writing is like breathing
You take in truth
The world as you perceive it
Advice and inspiration from others
And then you breath it out
Sometimes what comes out first
Is nothing more than hot air
But as you keep going you get to the gold
The stuff worth bottling and keeping

Every word I write is bursting with a thousand things
My vision, my dreams, my motivation
Simmering like a flame with passion
I hope that it will set you alight

The Tap

Open the tap
Let the words flow out
Wash away your dark feelings
Release the pent up frustration
Let that fall to the wayside
Then collect the pure water that follows
Words that will build your reader
Give them hope
Help them see the truth
Collect every drop
And don’t let it go to waste
There are so many people yearning for a drink
And your precious water can quench their thirst
Your words can make a difference

When I Write

Every time I write
I feel a touch of the divine
I feel a bit of heaven breaking into earth
I feel connected to life
I feel connected to God
It’s like a river from heaven is channeled through me
Splashing onto the pages in front of me
Hope wells up in me again
Joy begins to bubble in my soul
I know the Lord looks over my shoulder
And I know He smiles
I know He is joining in with me
And my life feels complete